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Am I Even a Bee?

Felicity Muth

"Am I Even a Bee? is the story of Osmia, a solitary bee, decidedly green and unquestionably un-fuzzy. Osmia has always believed she is a bee, (her mom told her so), but recent run-ins with people, and even other insects, leave her wondering, “Am I even a bee?!” Confused, Osmia faces an identity crisis, and she turns to her meadow for comfort. It is here that she meets her new friend and guide Xyla, a carpenter bee who, like Osmia, does not fit the black-and-yellow social mold. Through some adventures and chance encounters, Osmia and Xyla meet a slew of non-honey bees, each special and important to the meadow in their own unique way. Osmia discovers that while fame is great, diversity and acceptance are essential to a happy ecosystem. As it turns out, there is no one way to be a bee!

There are around 20,000 species of bee worldwide, and Am I Even a Bee? highlights a handful of species that pollinate human food, or are critical for the maintenance of natural ecosystems. With mass insect declines worldwide, now is a critical time for people of all ages to learn about the diversity of bees. Teaching children to embrace and understand insects is a small step toward building a population that advocates for insects, the small creatures with a huge impact on our natural world!"

Am I Even a Bee?
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