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About Us

Est. 2018

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to protect all bee species through education and habitat restoration.

Our Story

At just 10 years old, Emily Huffstetler’s fear of bees transformed into a profound passion. Hoping to pollinate their backyard apricot trees, her family began raising mason bees, which emerge earlier in the springtime than honey bees.


The gentle nature of mason bees provided Emily with a front-row seat to their captivating world. Year after year, she eagerly anticipated the emergence of each new generation, fostering a deep connection with these essential pollinators.


As a junior in high school, Emily became aware of the alarming decline of honey bee colonies nationwide, sparking her concern for the silent suffering of native bee species. This fueled the inception of Build for Bees in April 2018, initially a Girl Scout Gold Award project.


Through workshops, mason bee house installations and the creation of online educational resources, Emily's initiative flourished. Despite building 243 mason bee houses over two years, the urgency of the situation prompted Emily to transform Build for Bees into a nonprofit organization.


On February 7, 2021, the inaugural meeting of Build for Bees' Board of Directors, marked the official commencement of our journey as a nonprofit organization. Our team of volunteers works to protect all bee species through education and habitat restoration.


Bees play a crucial part in protecting biodiversity, bolstering food security, beautifying communities and inspiring innovation. Join us in our mission to create a world where bees thrive.

Meet The Board

Students, scientists, parents, educators, gardeners and creatives.

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