How to Make a Mason Bee House

Mason bee houses are quick and easy to build. Here's how:

1. Gather Supplies. You'll need a mug, a pair of scissors, and many straws.

Try to find a mug like the one on the right, with a flat bottom. The one on the left will work, but you may find it more difficult to use.

What type of straws to use is up for debate. Click here to help you decide what to pick. I personally use paper smoothie straws, with smaller paper ones to fill in gaps.

2. Measure a straw to the length of your mug. Measuring slightly below the mug is best. This will help to protect the bees from the weather.

4. Cut the straw, and use it as a reference point for cutting your other straws. Cut enough to fill the entire mug tightly.

5. Pack the straws into the mug, until no more will fit. You will know you've put enough straws in once you can turn your mug upside down without anything dropping.

6. You're all done! Make a label if you'd like, and place it outside. Try to find a place close to a garden that isn't too exposed to the weather, and secure it at an angle that won't let rain flow into it. Mount it facing SE, 1-6 ft above ground.

Now, all you have to do is wait for your fuzzy friends to move in! They'll lay their eggs inside the holes and pack it in with mud in early spring. The next year, you can watch up close as the little ones hatch and crawl out of the mud!