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Bee Short Course for Community Scientists



About the Course

A short course on wild bee conservation for community scientists, including:

Bee Botany 101

Randy Mitchell, The University of Akron

Melittology 101: An Intro to Bee Science

Jamie Strange, The Ohio State University

Methods of Collecting and Documenting Bees

Olivia Carril, author and biologist

Insect Photography and Using iNaturalist to Observe and Document Wild Bees

Heather Holm, author and biologist

Tips and Tricks from The Handy Bee Manual

Sam Droege, USGS Native Bee Inventory and Monitoring Lab

Contributions of Community Science to Entomology: Benefits for People and Nature

Mary Gardiner, The Ohio State University

From Community Science to Advocacy in Action: Case Studies in Conservation

Molly Martin, Bee City USA/The Xerces Society

Provided by

Ohio State University

Ohio State University
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