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Restoring and protecting

our declining bee populations

through accessible education and sustainable bee habitats,

This is Build for Bees.

Our honey bee population

has been depleted by

over 40% in just one year.

We don't even know the stats on other bee species.

It is our responsibility to take this issue seriously because it affects our

food, our economy, our farmers, and our own health

The most powerful way to make a difference is to educate ourselves and others, and to take action in our own backyards.

Believe it or not, all we need are some straws and mugs to do just that.

One Mug at a Time

Hi, I'm Emily. I'm a college freshman, and I've been tackling our bee population decline since 2018.

After researching and experimenting, I've simplified helping our bees to one recycled mug and a few straws. With these cheap supplies, anyone can build a home for mason bees. 

Mason bees are one of our most effective pollinators, and their easy-to-raise nature makes them a promising species for our future in pollination. They're more efficient than honeybees, allowing us to fill the gap in their population loss.

To share this knowledge with others, I lead workshops and post how-to's online. My project is called Build for Bees. 

I'm so glad you've decided to tag along. To join the Build for Bees community, follow @BuildforBees on Instagram. There, you'll find out about the latest workshops and additions to this website.

Thank you so much for your support!